Saturday, November 6, 2010

Terrorists: The New Ministers?

Terrorists have no religion, no caste and no nationality. They don't deserve to be called humans

I think this is the favorite line of all the speakers, celebrities and philosophers round the world, after every terrorist attack. But in India, I think terrorists should stand up for the polls. Its 6th Nov. today, Mr.Barack Obama visiting Mumbai and has an itinerary which starts with visiting The Taj where India's most stunning terrorism act was witnessed, 26/11. I will not insult those precious lives which were lost during those attacks, but I surely will take a dig at others, who want a TERRORIST to make them vigil and be united.
Do we really want it?? A terrorist to beckon the feeling of unity, brotherhood and oneness among us! I have seen it right from my childhood, after every such attacks people organize rallies,plays,mass prayers and all sorts of events that
people come together. This proves that:
An Indian can only wake up to the call of the terrorists because the past has been evident that they have been instrumental in maintaining unity and brotherhood amongst the masses after such attacks, which the politicians have miserably failed in doing since years

So why not let the terrorists rule our country. I will tell you its advantages:
1.Terrorist are so dedicated to their work we won't have any instances of kaamchori in the government offices.
2.I bet we will be a less corrupt country in the future.
3.And the most important, our soldiers don't need to be playing their lives at the border coz our politicos would be enough!!
So, Indians get ready for the upcoming polls.
When we can treat Ajmal Kasab like an honored guest,why can't we see him leading us???
Free advice hain, leni hai to lo...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"The plight of Marathi manoos in Maharashtra"

"Bahu asot sundar sampannachi mahaan,
Priya amucha ek Maharashtra desh haa!!"
This is the song which runs in the blood of every Marathi, the song which makes us proud that we belong to the same maati to which greats like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Lokmanya Tilak, Dadasaheb Phalke and many more belonged.
I need not give any clarification that Marathi manoos has always fought for its pride, in fact we defined marathi manoos as "moden pan vaknar nahi"(one who will die but wont surrender to the enemies).
But its sorry to see the current plight of the Marathi Manoos in his own home Maharashtra. Its like Sachin Tendulkar getting a duck in a match at Mumbai or the Gandhi family being insulted in Congress!! I myself being a Maharashtrian I would like to give you an idea about what our problems actually are:
Lets start with a simple example.
Imagine you are the only child in your family,being brought up happily until one day when a stranger comes to your house,takes the place you deserve and becomes the favorite with your family and you are totally neglected and looked down upon.
Got a heart breaking feeling?? That's what the Marathi Manoos is going through.
I feel that the Marathi Manoos is not getting his rightful place in Maharashtra,the place the position which is his birthright. The North Indians have encroached not only upon the lands in Mumbai but also our lives. I once read a hoarding on a road on my way to Delhi via Uttar Pradesh. It read "Hum do humare do, teesra hua toh mumbai bhej do". I was deeply hurt by this statement, these people feel that Mumbai is their heir but I would like to tell them one thing "Kontyahi bhumivar pahila hakk bhumiputranchach asto!!"(Every man has the first right on his birthland, accordingly we Maharashtrians should get the upper hand in each and every decision or rights in Maharashtra).
These people(including politicians) say that Marathis are bias towards them which is totally unconstitutional. My answer to it is " Why couldn't you develop your state to that extent that you would be the no.1 now and the people would not feel to migrate to our state??" I know that they wont have an answer to that.
I have no complaints with Bengalis or South Indians or Gujaratis because my friends who belong to this category say that they are proud to be Maharashtrians and are supporting the Marathi manoos to get its deserving place. I even thank the Tamil tribune for their consideration of our problem through their article
But I see a ray of hope now that the Maharashtra of tomorrow will have the Marathi manoos leading on all fronts with a pride and a bright smile of satisfaction on his face of getting his rightful deserving place. All thanks to the people who are working for it.
So my appeal to all my loving marathi bandhus:"Chala parat marathyancha zenda unchavuya ani parat mhanuya Marathi paool padte pudhe" And coax me to change the name "the plight of Marathi manoos" to "Flight of Marathi manoos".
Jai Hind Jai Maharashta!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Teacher's Day!

I woke up to the morning of 5th September in a lazy mood after a tedious week schedule,just to notice the calendar showing "Teacher's Day". I became a bit nostalgic of how it used to be in the school days,all of us with innocent faces and neatly dressed up in uniforms wishing our teachers for the day. The moment was like reliving those school days back, we never thought the world outside will be full of challenges at every moment,testing us every time and full of rock hearts. I remember teachers telling us in our 10th grade that the world would not be the same as it was among the four walls of our classroom and we used to think that "are we shifting to Mars?" that the world would change. But yet again they proved themselves right. This is for all my teachers' who might read this one:-
"We miss our innocent days where we used to talk to each other coz we liked it but not for the sake of a formality, we miss those days when "teachers" weren't "professors"(there is a vast difference between the two words). And we also miss those days of security when you knew someone was there for you as a guide,mentor,idol and a friend"
But time didn't permit me to enjoy a glimpse of those golden days, but it couldn't stop me from meeting our school teacher in the evening. The joy was crystal clear in her eyes of meeting her students whom she nurtured to be the one-of-the-best-of-tomorrow. It was a great feeling talking of those days and reliving those precious moments which only my next generations can enjoy!
I am grateful to all those "architects and engineers" who have planned my life in such a way that this "building" can now face the outer world.
Thank you dear teachers! Love you all!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hello, it feels good to be a blogger. Since this blogger started, I felt a blogger would be someone in his forties sharing his lifetime experiences. But then I felt even a child shares his experiences in the same enthusiasm as a group of elders sharing them during a gathering. So that child being my inspiration, I,a 17 yr old, start my journey as a blogger. Lets hope that I live up to your expectations and you like my blogs.