Saturday, November 6, 2010

Terrorists: The New Ministers?

Terrorists have no religion, no caste and no nationality. They don't deserve to be called humans

I think this is the favorite line of all the speakers, celebrities and philosophers round the world, after every terrorist attack. But in India, I think terrorists should stand up for the polls. Its 6th Nov. today, Mr.Barack Obama visiting Mumbai and has an itinerary which starts with visiting The Taj where India's most stunning terrorism act was witnessed, 26/11. I will not insult those precious lives which were lost during those attacks, but I surely will take a dig at others, who want a TERRORIST to make them vigil and be united.
Do we really want it?? A terrorist to beckon the feeling of unity, brotherhood and oneness among us! I have seen it right from my childhood, after every such attacks people organize rallies,plays,mass prayers and all sorts of events that
people come together. This proves that:
An Indian can only wake up to the call of the terrorists because the past has been evident that they have been instrumental in maintaining unity and brotherhood amongst the masses after such attacks, which the politicians have miserably failed in doing since years

So why not let the terrorists rule our country. I will tell you its advantages:
1.Terrorist are so dedicated to their work we won't have any instances of kaamchori in the government offices.
2.I bet we will be a less corrupt country in the future.
3.And the most important, our soldiers don't need to be playing their lives at the border coz our politicos would be enough!!
So, Indians get ready for the upcoming polls.
When we can treat Ajmal Kasab like an honored guest,why can't we see him leading us???
Free advice hain, leni hai to lo...

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