Monday, September 6, 2010

Teacher's Day!

I woke up to the morning of 5th September in a lazy mood after a tedious week schedule,just to notice the calendar showing "Teacher's Day". I became a bit nostalgic of how it used to be in the school days,all of us with innocent faces and neatly dressed up in uniforms wishing our teachers for the day. The moment was like reliving those school days back, we never thought the world outside will be full of challenges at every moment,testing us every time and full of rock hearts. I remember teachers telling us in our 10th grade that the world would not be the same as it was among the four walls of our classroom and we used to think that "are we shifting to Mars?" that the world would change. But yet again they proved themselves right. This is for all my teachers' who might read this one:-
"We miss our innocent days where we used to talk to each other coz we liked it but not for the sake of a formality, we miss those days when "teachers" weren't "professors"(there is a vast difference between the two words). And we also miss those days of security when you knew someone was there for you as a guide,mentor,idol and a friend"
But time didn't permit me to enjoy a glimpse of those golden days, but it couldn't stop me from meeting our school teacher in the evening. The joy was crystal clear in her eyes of meeting her students whom she nurtured to be the one-of-the-best-of-tomorrow. It was a great feeling talking of those days and reliving those precious moments which only my next generations can enjoy!
I am grateful to all those "architects and engineers" who have planned my life in such a way that this "building" can now face the outer world.
Thank you dear teachers! Love you all!!

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