Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yes, I'm a man and am not a rapist!

All men are dogs, cowards, rapists, eve teasers, heartless, pervert, jerk, drunkard, male chauvinist.
I saw a scene from a movie where the man shows up his license to his friend and stating his gender, it goes as, "Ye dekh, Sex Male, Aadmi, Mard, Harami, Kamina"
So on and so forth. I never knew we're born with so many labels. But do these labels fit on everyone? Yes, I do know the number of rapes happening in the country, moreover worldwide. The number of women getting cheated everyday, women getting eve teased and stared everyday. Yes, I accept all the facts. Does that make me a rapist if someone from the same gender as mine commits that?

I've personally faced all the discrimination.  Girls, women alike avoid the empty seat besides me.(Accepted until the reserved seats for them are not full). I look everyday in the mirror, I resemble none of the above stated. Do I have thorns, or even plans to tease the girl? Shut up, I'm more concerned how much more time its gonna take for my stop. I'm a hardcore Mumbaikar, time is everything for me, much more important concern than the hottie sitting beside. When I usually play that information kiosk or breathing Google Maps for those cars and windows drawn down slowly, the father speaks up first, asking the directions. The moment I explain the address, how to reach there, the girl feels "okay" to blurt out a "thanks" with a smile. Is the father unaware of the word thanks or the girl doesn't know the address? Its very similar to a dog smelling a place to find if its a good place to piss! Do I really dress badly that I look such?

I would want to share this lil experience. I was in a hotel with mum, waiting for my order. A working girl, maybe frustrated after a bad day at the work rushed in and took a nearby table. Maybe she badly wanted to get her entertainment dose, so she started playing some songs on her tab (with the headphones on, thank God!). An irritating family with an equally irritating child came in, controlling their child's antics juggling with the food on the platter, they were about to leave just then the office girl thought to buy the lil boy an ice cream (God knows what she saw in that brat), such a sweet gesture, but the result not so sweet! The boy's mom refused to accept that, clearly insulting the girl's heart and moreover stating that even she wouldn't eat that as she had a medical restriction on it. Turning the girl's day from bad to worse, even she didn't have the ice cream then. I couldn't control myself and did tell her that the gesture was really sweet, managing to put a lil smile on her face.

See people? Two persons, same gender, but opposite in nature, that's how it works even in our case.
Just because I sweat a lot, maybe a reason to avoid me, that doesn't imply I have raped someone, I've walked more or played out cricket with my heart. Keep that simple!
Girls and women alike, need to understand that we tend to walk faster in by-lanes, not just because our testosterone levels are on the high and we feel the urge to touch every passing girl. Do hit those who do that deliberately, but spare ones like me.

Dear girls, Salman Khan is blessed with the leisure of hitting 20 goons at a time, without getting a scratch. That doesn't necessarily happen in reality, any boy would think twice before coming on to blows, but yes "we do" watch around, especially at those eyeballs. Most of the female friends feel we are too protective and behave like bodyguards. Do understand our situation, back home your parents expect us to drop you home safely.

Yes, I do get irritated when a silly woman drives carelessly, making me dive for my life. I do hate when girls take exorbitant time to dress and shop, I agree to lose my minds when they arrive late (as I said, Mumbaikar, reaching on time is our drug). Yes, I equally lose my mind on girls who've turned my best buddies into romantic jerks :-P. Does this make me a rapist?

To that eternal Bollywood question a girl puts up to a rogue boy, the answer is:
Yes I do have a mother, a sister, a niece as well, whom I love and respect extremely. And more importantly, I do have a heart. We hide all the pains, but yes we do get hurt when we see any such news.

The rapists prevalent today, even they had a mother and a sister, had they ever even slapped him for touching that girl in school inappropriately and got him on the right way, the media would've got one rape story lesser and our criminal records too. Don't you think, somewhere a woman is indirectly responsible for this?
To those pseudo activists who feel gender equality is must, is it really tough for women to carry a chilli spray? Or even learn those little tricks of self defense?
Dear "activists", If labeling all women as sluts is wrong just coz a handful of them behave like one, doesn't mean all the men are born rapists, just coz a handful of them do it.
That is what gender equality is!

I feel we'll still be called one, in the times coming ahead for all such sad incidents, but my answer to all them would still be the same one. I never know what the judiciary will make to tackle them, but whatever needs to be done needs to be done quickly. Save us all those tags.

Written by a man who's not a rapist and please I'm not even a gay!