Saturday, May 14, 2011

Modernising: The Real Truth?

Modernizing is too vast to be defined. It is a continuous process extending over years, consisting of progress in each and every field.
I do not need an oldie to sit beside me and tell me what they had during their times. I can see the effects of modernizing, are clearly visible. With advancements in every field, do we really agree that man has advanced?
My history book always said that the primitive man's life was the basic one, carving rocks to make essentials or to depict his emotions by drawing. I had learn, how he curiously invented fire, then wheel and came to a conclusion of man's basic needs.
Now I feel the man has so advanced that apart from standing upright, he now is sitting, facing an important family member whom we have fondly named The Computer.
Few years back, when I was in primary school, we had computers only in our schools. Now it feels great to see my niece, studying in the second grade, using MS Word, better than I had learned in my seventh grade!!
Don't you think we miss out on so many beautiful moments of real life, while we are away "happy" in the virtual one?
For instance, today we just send mails across the globe at just a click. How will our children know how to post a "hand written" letter in a postbox and tapping the postbox to see whether the letter has been put properly?
Probably the system of postboxes will soon become extinct like the dinosaurs, and soon there will be postboxes along dinosaurs in many picture books to tell our children what they looked like.
You become "friends" with an unknown sitting across the oceans but do you care who stays in your neighborhood?
You work for hours together for few extra pennies, do you remember the last time you saw a sunset with your family?
Today, children enjoy their special 'hand=tossed-extra=cheese-special-toppings-pizza', are they ever going to enjoy a panipuri competition with their friends?
They chat among for hours, don't they feel like meeting on a playground?
These questions are tough to answer, aren't they?
I had once read, "Marriages are made in heaven", now the new place seems to be a cyber cafe!!
For a school project, the child directly sorts to the Internet, when will he discover that we do have Encyclopedias and World Books?
My cousin boasts of the Google Earth with which he even "travels" up to New York and back. When will he travel by a local train? meet new interesting people?
And they are trying to make Google Earth so advanced that you can actually see someone as to what is he doing.
Do we really need it?
And I pity those children who send mails to their parents when they come across something new.
Can't he just ask them for a minute for it?
Modernizing has sadly invaded in our veins in large numbers. If this goes on:
" I sitting on Facebook will marry a girl on Orkut, get married at Rediff, with the pundit sending mantras from Yahoo! And on the web itself we have a kid named Microsoft. His grandmother will teach him values through Skype. His schooling will be done at Google University and I will be a proud father when I see my child getting his degree from the hands of Wikipedia and probably earns a job at Apple!!"

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  1. Not everything is bad about modernization.And by saying this you are contradicting your own self.You said computers are making us alienate from family and friends.But you are using the same computer to convey your feelings and thoughts and in doing so you are wasting some moments you could have spent with your family.Modernization was introduced as a boon but soon turned out to be bane due to man.Anyways,a well written blog especially the last lines in bold letters.Ankit,please do write.